1 - What is a collet?

A colliette is a modular piece of jewelry with removable clasps. You can therefore wear this jewel as you wish, either as a necklace or as a chain for glasses!

2 - How to transform a necklace into a chain and vice versa?

With each collar, you receive small tips allowing you to hang it on the temples of your glasses very simply:

3 - Are the collars analergic?

We have been extremely rigorous in the manufacture of our collars. All models therefore comply with CE standards. All gilded parts are gilded with fine gold. And for each model, you will find a complete description of the other materials (if there are any) on the associated product sheet.

4 - How are colliettes created?

Anne-Sophie alias Ansostyle, draws and imagines the models. And Julien (Anne-Sophie's future husband, when he has made up his mind!) Takes care of managing the production part. All our collars are handmade and in limited series.